So you'd say a 8 or 9 year old computer is still "useful"?  what are you using those PCs for?  what are the hardware specs for your 8/9 year machines?  

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For my 1:1 next year I am getting Chromebooks on a 2 year lease.   1:1 devices get a lot of legitimate wear and tare and after running MSJ's for three years in would not expect any device to last 4 years, let alone a sub-$500 device.

As for other computers, I recently was looking at my numbers and came up with a $100 rule.   If a computer cost me $1000 then I would expect it to last me 10 years.  At $300 it should last 3.   You defiantly have to be flexible but it seemed to be the average I was already using.

Bjorn Behrendt

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I'm trying to get a general idea of how often/(in)frequently equipment gets replaced in your school districts.
I'd be interested in knowing what you all consider the "useful" lifespan is for:

Lab/classroom computers
1:1 devices
Staff/Faculty computers
Networking Equipment