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St Johnsbury has 660 students.
We are one building/ one Su -†
Can you give me a cost quote? - RM

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Vita-Learn is now accepting new 2014 site licenses for schools. New this year are District or Supervisory Union licenses. Join over 40 other Vermont schools that are now participating in the Vita-Learn VoiceThread licensing program.
For more information about VoiceThread go to†http://voicethread.com/

As part of the Vita Learn license program you will have an opportunity to participate in the Connected Voices program developed by Lucie deLaBruere. For more information go to

The VoiceThread school licenses are for all students and teacher in one school and is priced as follows:
$100 - 100 students or less
$200 - 300 students or less
$500 - 1000 students or less

The VoiceThread District or SU Lincenses are for all students and teacher in District or Supervisory Union and is priced as follows:
There is about a 20% discount off the combined Individual school cost rounded to the nearest $100.
Email me for a Price Quote.

You can order online at:
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