We don't have a written policy, but I have disabled the ability for others to tag photos on our school and classroom webpages.  The other issues, I would hesitate to regulate.  How would you monitor/enforce this?

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Does your school or district have written policy to address these situations?

1. Parents taking photos/videos in school at non-public events.(ex.endearing phone photo of 1st graders at the end of the day coming to meet their parents)

2. Parents posting those images on their social media site, and tagging other students without permission of others' parents.

3. Parents tagging other children in photos posted by the school on the school's social media site.

CESU has in its policy for parent handbooks):

"Non-staff people may not take photos, videos or audio in school or on school grounds of non-public events, even if it is only for personal use."

Thinking of adding something like:
"It is prohibited to identify (“tag”) students in school-related photos or posts, other than your own child, in any on-line tools such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This rule applies to both public and non-public events."

It's been suggested, also, that posters to that effect be placed in some school locations.

Your policies and thoughts?

Steve Jarrett
District Technology Supervisor
Chittenden East Supervisory Union

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