I hesitate to suggest any specific technology skills for SBAC testing or spending time with the mechanics of computer use rather than focusing on the use of technology/computers for learning in everyday practice. If you look at what the SBAC tests are asking of students then you will see they need to read online text,  type written response to open ended prompts, watch videos and math animations, record their voices, . If learning units are based on common core standards which implies the use of digital learning then students will have the experience to do well on the tests...This means shifting to digital learning and putting digital devices/computers into their hands for these learning experiences. i.e. 1:1 

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Hi folks.. I am pulling together some folks in March to discuss/create/diagnose around tech skills that will be needed for the SBAC assessment coming in 2015.  Sheila Soule, from Washington West sent this along to me from a district in MA.   This may be helpful, I know a few of you have been voicing your own concerns on this...





Let me know thoughts on identifying skills and to what depth you believe this should stretch....


We’ll get good data this year with our field tests in March.  I am sure some have data/anecdotal stuff from last year pilot tests.






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