T'was a good day and evening for owls not far from home, which is on the 
southern end of Snake Mountain (Addison County).  Nine individuals, five 

Although the majority of Snowy Owls in Addison appear to have moved 
elsewhere, late morning I did discover two along Gage Road, one to the 
north of the road and the other to the southwest.

This evening I located two different Northern Saw-whet Owls along the 
east side of Snake Mountain in Weybridge.  Each had a minute or two 
delayed response (to my playing of a recording), consisting of a single, 
loud, vocalization.  One gave a brief wail then two "plunk" tones.  The 
other gave a single, long whine.

You can hear similar vocalizations on Xeno Canto at:
    XC 138058
    XC 238057
    XC 114590

Also heard three Great Horned Owls, two at home just as the sun was 
setting, and the third from on the western side of Snake Mountain in 
Addison in the early evening.

An Eastern Screech Owl was heard in a woody regrowth area alongside the 
Lemon Fair River in Cornwall.

A Short-eared Owl was seen flying in the moonlight over the snow and ice 
covered fields straddling Otter Creek Road in Addison.

Somewhat surprisingly, no Barred Owls were seen or heard.