Ron Payne and I spent the day starting near DAR State Park looking for 
the ice margin.  Two days ago it was just north of DAR, not far from the 
Champlain Bridge.  Tracking northward with multiple stops we found the 
lake frozen northward to the narrows at Split Rock/Thompson Point and 
beyond .... nearly 18 miles in two days!

 From the Charlotte Ferry terminal we could see a few open leads (with a 
very few ducks) plus the ferry-broken path.

Finally, at Charlotte beach there was considerable open water with a 
small variety of birds, all of which have been reported from there recently.

Nowhere were we able to see any extensive numbers of waterfowl. However, 
the considerable difference between water and air temperatures sharply 
limited the distance one could see.

On 1/24/2014 1:42 PM, Eric Hynes wrote:
> Hello Vermont Birders:
> I checked a few spots along the shore of Lake Champlain in Burlington and
> Shelburne this morning. I saw a lot of ice and not much else.
> Since many of us bird more on the weekends, I thought a few folks might
> appreciate a heads-up that the lake ice has expanded greatly.
> At Perkins Pier in Burlington, the ice extended out beyond the breakwater.
> There were hundreds of Mallards and a few American Black Ducks sleeping on
> the ice. I couldn't tease out anything unusual among the expected three
> gull species on the ice either.
> Blodgett Beach in Burlington was iced in.
> I moved south and found more of the same in Shelburne. Shelburne Bay in its
> entirety was frozen. Also ice along the shoreline on the NW side of
> Shelburne Point.
> Meach Cove at Shelburne Beach was ice-covered but just the cove. There were
> plenty of ducks at the ice edge but sea smoke obscured these birds.
> I finally found open water close to shore at Charlotte Beach. Sea smoke
> limited visibility here but shouldn't be as much of a problem tomorrow
> given the warmer temps forecasted. The usual ducks were in view. Good-sized
> raft of Bufflehead close in.
> I suspect the ducks will be concentrating even more in Addison County.
> Good birding,
> Eric
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> Eric Hynes
> Hinesburg, VT
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