I had male and female House Finches at my feeders this past weekend.

Linda Verchereau Becker

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Yup. Our resident Cardinal was singing  the same tune Tuesday afternoon too. 
It was a pleasant surprise on a chilly afternoon.

Patti Haynes, sent from my iPod

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> At first I thought I was daydreaming, but after throwing open the window 
> it was loud and clear - a male Cardinal was singing an emphatic "what what 
> what chew chew chew chew".Yesterday's brief  warm up must have been the 
> spark to get this guy going but I had to wonder, was it that "Song Maker" 
> brand bird seed that I've been doling out all winter? (Maybe a little 
> avian testosterone sprikled on that seed mix?) Unfortunately no encore 
> today - back to the deep freeze and daydreaming about spring. but it sure 
> was a sweet interlude.
> Paul Wieczoreck
> Hinesburg