Fantastic!  Great photo - couldn't be much better to confirm this awesome
bird!  Congratulations, Tyler, Ted, and Kaylee. What a great way to start a
new year!


And oh, wow, do I identify with and sympathize with all who were there but
not at the right moment.  On Saturday (while everyone was driving around
looking for owls) my husband and I were doing our 2nd of the season Winter
Raptor Survey. Gage Road is part of our route.  We tallied 42 raptors for
the day in our prescribed survey area - 22 Red-tails, 17 Roughlegs, 1
Sharpie, 2 Snowy Owls.  (best non-raptor bird of the day was a Flicker on
Lake Street, just south of the W.Addison General Store)


Happy New Year to all,


Susan Fogleman

(VT-er living in NH)



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Okay now I can really cry, I was there at 1:00 pm and the only thing with 

feathers was a Red-tailed Hawk!! I should have stayed an watched the Snowy's

a wee longer before checking out Gage RD.  But all and all a great first day

birding, cold but sun and no wind.



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> story of your life, Girlfriend!


> Now go and refind that bird.....dare ya!


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> I was at the right place but the wrong time! Darn it all.

> Sue Wetmore


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> On Jan 1, 2014, at 4:58 PM, Larry Clarfeld <[log in to unmask]> wrote:


>> Fantastic find and photo!  I was at Gage Rd around 11 a.m. and saw the 

>> two

>> Peregrines.  One of them had recently caught a meal and was feeding in 

>> the

>> field while the other perched nearby.


>> Best,

>> Larry



>> On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Tyler Pockette 

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>>> Ted Murin, Kaylee Pollander and myself have been looking at a good

>>> candidate for prairie falcon on gage rd. The falcon has very obvious 

>>> dark

>>> axillaries in flight contrasting with light undersides and belly, fairly

>>> light brown back, and slightly smaller in size when it flew next to two

>>> peregrines as the three chased an encroaching eagle. The bird has not 

>>> been

>>> seen since it tangled with the eagle (10 minutes ago) but we are very

>>> hungry and heading for food quickly. Will continue searching shortly.


>>> Tyler pockette





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