Hi Mark,

I hope to take Levi, Erin Talmage's son, to see the Snowy in Addison on 
Wednesday afternoon.  I've gone there twice now with kids.  I met Ruthena, 
Zac Cota Weaver's great-great aunt that lives in the house closer to the 
street.  Also, saw the Red-shouldered hawk on Thursday!

I'm glad you saw the Hawk Owl!  Did you get the pellet-upping on film?!!

Hope to see you SOOOOON!

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Well apparently sometime after you left Ali, I showed up and the waterbury 
Hawk Owl put on quite a show.  You know you're a bird Geek when watching
an owl barf up a pellet is more exciting than football, skiing, or anything 
you can think of.  And yes, I did retrieve the pellet for future 

The Starksboro Snowy was in its usually place and I'm thinking there should
be lots of pellets there.


On Jan 12, 2014, at 2:39 PM, Alison Wagner wrote:

> Greetings!
> This morning,  I had the pleasure of birding with friends Linda Gionti and 
> Patti Haynes in Washington County. First we drove to Waterbury Center with 
> hopes of seeing the winter resident Northern Hawk Owl.  With its routine 
> perches and hunting grounds well established, it didnít take long to 
> locate it on the edge of the field, about equi-distant from Blue Heron 
> Cove Road and Gregg Hill.  In addition to lovely looks, we enjoyed the 
> company of visiting birders from New Hampshire as well as Virginia.  Next, 
> a mother and son, returning from a canceled ski racing event, stopped to 
> ask what we were looking at and it didnít take much convincing for them to 
> park safely and join us.  They were not disappointed.
> Then, on to  E.F. Knapp State Airport in Berlin in hopes of finding a 
> Snowy Owl.  We figured our chances would be good to find at least one 
> since most of the snow was gone.  We hadnít stepped more than twenty feet 
> from the car when we saw the whiter of the two Snowies fly to the fence 
> edging the cemetery.  A closer look revealed the other, more heavily 
> barred owl perched above it on the fence.  Like many other Vermont 
> birders, I can now say with delight that we were seeing double, with both 
> birds in the scopeís view.  Several cars passing by stopped to ask what we 
> were looking at and again it did not take much convincing to lure them 
> from their cars.  A woman in pajamaís and slippers shuffled to the scope 
> and I loved seeing her animated expression when she focused on the bird.
> At the southern end of the airstrip, we were also able to locate a 
> Northern Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk, and at least 50 Snow Buntings. 
> Washington County is where itís at!
> LOVE winter birding!!
> Ali
> Huntington

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