Wonder if there are any interesting sightings in the Middlebury area? I'm heading down there on Thursday and would plan to do a bird "safari" too.

Laurel Neme


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Well apparently sometime after you left Ali, I showed up and the waterbury Ctr.
Hawk Owl put on quite a show.  You know you're a bird Geek when watching 
an owl barf up a pellet is more exciting than football, skiing, or anything else
you can think of.  And yes, I did retrieve the pellet for future observation.

The Starksboro Snowy was in its usually place and I'm thinking there should
be lots of pellets there.


On Jan 12, 2014, at 2:39 PM, Alison Wagner wrote:

> Greetings!  
> This morning,  I had the pleasure of birding with friends Linda Gionti and 
Patti Haynes in Washington County. First we drove to Waterbury Center with hopes 
of seeing the winter resident Northern Hawk Owl.  With its routine perches and 
hunting grounds well established, it didn’t take long to locate it on the edge 
of the field, about equi-distant from Blue Heron Cove Road and Gregg Hill.  In 
addition to lovely looks, we enjoyed the company of visiting birders from New 
Hampshire as well as Virginia.  Next, a mother and son, returning from a 
canceled ski racing event, stopped to ask what we were looking at and it didn’t 
take much convincing for them to park safely and join us.  They were not 
> Then, on to  E.F. Knapp State Airport in Berlin in hopes of finding a Snowy 
Owl.  We figured our chances would be good to find at least one since most of 
the snow was gone.  We hadn’t stepped more than twenty feet from the car when we 
saw the whiter of the two Snowies fly to the fence edging the cemetery.  A 
closer look revealed the other, more heavily barred owl perched above it on the 
fence.  Like many other Vermont birders, I can now say with delight that we were 
seeing double, with both birds in the scope’s view.  Several cars passing by 
stopped to ask what we were looking at and again it did not take much convincing 
to lure them from their cars.  A woman in pajama’s and slippers shuffled to the 
scope and I loved seeing her animated expression when she focused on the bird.  
> At the southern end of the airstrip, we were also able to locate a Northern 
Shrike, Rough-legged Hawk, and at least 50 Snow Buntings.  Washington County is 
where it’s at!
> LOVE winter birding!!
> Ali
> Huntington

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