Def a great story!  Last winter my husband watched an ermine attack and battle a grey squirrel in our back yard.  He took some blurry photos (through the window) of a battle that waged on both sides of the driveway and up and down 3 different trees.  As the ermine was delivering the final blow a barred owl flew in and landed on a branch 10 feet above and watched as the ermine dragged the squirrel to an opening under a slab of marble 50 feet away.  Closer inspection of other photos showed the owl perched in a tree on the far side of the driveway from where the battle ended.  He thought for sure the owl was going to swoop in and fly off with them both, but it seemed to be more curious.  

On Saturday, January 25, 2014 11:41 AM, Jane Stein <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Great story.  Nice to know red squirrels are good for something!


On 1/25/2014 9:05 AM, Alison Wagner wrote:
> Good Morning,
> Resorting to feeder-birding this frigid morning, I was watching the
> usual suspects at my house (Chickadee, Jay, Junco, Goldfinch,
> Carolina Wren....) when a resident mole came out.  It was to be
> expected, coming from a nearby stonewall where I’m sure it has quite
> a network of tunnels and nests.  But what took me by surprise was the
> red squirrel that charged from under the deck, tackled the mole and
> wrestled with it for a moment, doing a sort of mammalian “Eskimo
> roll”  and then sprinted back under the cover of the deck.  A quick
> look through the binoculars indicated the mole was a goner.  Within a
> minute, the squirrel was back.  It tossed the mole a couple of times
> and then hauled it back under the deck.  In the past, I’ve seen a
> Merlin wrestle a Blue Jay (a fairly even-looking match with the
> falcon eventually triumphant), Barreds in the yards reducing rodentia
> populations, a Sharpie chase passerines around a serviceberry bush,
> the remnants of Shrike strikes, and an intimidating, lurking Goshawk
> that has even led me to seek shelter.  This is the first mammal vs
> mammal episode.
> Stay warm, keep the feeders full and......
> Enjoy WILDLIFE!!
> Ali
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