I'm traveling a lot for my current job and I've built up a big stash of JetBlue and Hilton points.  I'm scheduled to have the 2nd week of April off.  What to do?  Only restrictions are where Jetblue flies and where there's a Hilton worth staying in.  Whistler is top of the list right now.  Normally I'm not into resorts, lifts, or hotels....but if most of it is free....why not?

  Wife and I could fly to Seattle for free, pay to drive to Whistler, and stay in the really schnazzy slopeside Hilton for free.  From there I'm guessing we could buy lift tickets or tour.  Seems like it should be fun.  But, how is the snow normally in April near the coast of BC?  Also, should someone who's really not into the whole ski-resort scene skip a place like Whistler and instead go on a some surf trip some other time?

thanks,  pw

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