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>This AM I was off to WaWa to skin a lap ahead of today's forecast
>innundation.  Swinging into the parking lot at 8:25AM the dashboard
>thermometer was reading a tropical 43F under grey skies & light niar.
>Seriously- 43F & dripping? What month IS this anyway?
>The parking lot was spooky-empty, and the reason soon became clear: No
>bullwheels  were turning warming up for the 9AM start, no lifties,
>patrollers or instructors in sight, no AM grooming crew either- they were
>CLOSED, it was just the bare-bones staff taking up fewer than 20 parking
>Parking next to the off-white behind the Ski School it was three paces from
>pavement to skinning territory.  Conifer was a bit scarred up with snow-cat
>and snowmobile track, but still the ascent route of choice, cleaving to
>climbers right to abide with the resort's stated skinning policy. No uphill
>or downhill traffic was in evidence until the upper bight of the S, where
>some snowmaking staff were turning off valves.  At the summit I was met by a
>randoneer just beginning his descent headed toward Conifer, warning me "It
>doesn't look like they groomed 10th Mountain". (Really??? Go figure!!! ) OK,
>I was headed for Smith-Walton anyway! ;-)
>At the lift station was stockpiled an 8' tall 15' wide 50' long pile of
>sludge, apparently destined for filling in the holes after the deluge, but
>rounding the sludge pile and dropping below the patrol shack it was as fast
>edgy, smooth, & firm as my old college girlfriend (and almost as fun! :-) ).
>At the headwall the  water-bars were well covered-  no hint of melt-outs or
>undercutting (yet), and it was near race-course-perfect conditions from top
>to bottom, with nary a snow-cat or snowmobile track to mar the line,  and
>FAR better skiing than Conifer would have been. (Nothing ventured...  I
>can't imagine the other skier had anywhere near as much fun.)
>With no lifts running, no cool-off runs were taken- given the freshening
>niar & warm breeze, "one run and done" seemed about right.  Pulling onto the
>road at 9:05 it felt like a perfectly nice post-closing April morning of
>skiing @ WaWa.  But can we have January back before race time on Thursday?!
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