I arrived a little later than I'd hoped, at about 8:30 a.m., amidst a steady snowfall that was to continue all morning, & minutes later ran into Greg Charles & his wife KC. They had apparently consumed a lot of pasta the previous evening, & in order to slow their ever-increasing waistlines, had ascended via self-propulsion. They reported a grim Cliff Trail, akin to a frozen river.

After a warm-up on Perry Merrill, I met up with non-skivittler Erik J. & after a couple runs on the Gondi side, we headed over to the Quad, where we spent the rest of the morning. Essentially the only routes down were Lord, North Slope, & Sunrise, with a number of lower variations also open. Fortunately, the previous day's lackluster weather kept the crowds at bay.

Erik is one of the better skiers that I know, & is fun to follow. We both had GS skis on and generally were skiing at a relatively rapid rate. The snow consisted primarily of frozen chunks of various size. Though it was fun, it wasn't the most confidence inspiring surface to ski on.

After Erik left at mid-day, I took a couple more runs on the Gondi side, but it still wasn't as good as the Quad side, so I headed back for a handful of more runs.

Word has it that Lift Line, which had yet to be groomed or, er, un-reserved, but whose skier's left edge had blown-in nicely over the course of the morning, was the run of the day.

The day was capped off with cheese & sausage samples at the Cabot outlet & some decent Lake Champlain Chocolates samples.

--Matt K.
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