Yes, I put the three word report in the title tonight.

Another day at Vail, another non-stop pounding of snow. I have simply stopped reading the weather forecasts and just go skiing. This storm has been solidly stalled over the entire front range since Friday night. There's simply no need to drive over to Breckenridge (which was reporting 22 inches yesterday.)  It is almost surreal up top here as well! 

Unfortunately conditions were just too much for patrol to safely manage today, and a decision was made early on the shutter the entire back bowls (other than Sunup) as well as  blue sky basin, and they remained solidly shut all day, victims of huge amounts of wind loading

The snow is finally moving out, and tomorrow has all the makings of one of the best resort days I may ever ski

And I will be sure to let all my friends back home know. ;-)))

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