Happy MLK Day to everyone.  The following is the responses I received regard loaning of MP3s:

I circulate them but keep them in my office which is locked when I'm not here.  I also purchase paper envelopes for them to leave in so I keep the sleeves they come in in the binder/holder.

We have the Mayo Clinic Board Review CDs and DVDs and we keep these locked up in the library, not on the open shelves.  We do circulate the discs however.  We put a limit of 3 at a time for a loan period of 1 week.  We do allow 1 week renewal.  It seems to work out pretty well, these items are really popular among the residents and some faculty like to use the materials for teaching purposes.
The CDs get requested more than the DVDs because the residents can play them in the car.  They really love the portability.

Reserve, to circulate for one night only.  Renewable once or twice.  Board reviews get pretty popular.

I once had a resident who took out MKSAP every single night.  Luckily no one else seemed to asked for it.  At the end of her residency, she had the gall to admit that she took it out so that no one else could get it.

So much for the altruism of medical residents!

We circulate them.  They get a LOT of use.  We shelve them in our workroom, though.  We have notices out that they're available in the workroom and to see a staff member to check one out, so they're not accessible to the after-hours users or for self-checkout.

We allow them to circulate, but they are in the reference section.  We allow people to come behind the desk to look at them.
For the most part they are returned on time.
We haven't had many problems, other than the CD cases getting broken

Thanks to everyone who responded.  It looks like I will be circulating the items, but certainly not from our open shelves due to the projected popularity  of this new addition to our collection.  Have a great day everyone.  Cathy

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