Why is it I get the feeling some people took a deep gasp when they saw my header?  :)  "Oh, God, here it comes.  He's going to talk about the Air Force again...."    Well, yeah, but only minimally, I promise }:)  

When I & others worldwide had our jobs abolished, practicing docs were up in arms.  Complaints & vociferous input sounded, but never got to the highest levels (When you're a colonel in charge of a hospital complaining to your boss, a 3-star general, is *not* the best career move.) nor would it have mattered if they had, since 3-stars have bosses too.  In the real world it may not be quite to the same degree, but it's still there.   What it too often boils down to is $$ & accounting myopia.  Sometimes the short-sightedness is clueless, & sometimes it's truly necessary.  But even when it *is* necessity, the damage done to present & *future* generations of docs is still exactly the same. :/

One other comment [No, don't worry, it's not dot-mil :)]:  

>> the powers that be checked with our pediatric residency program about library resources and found that only "access" was required.

And *that* is a MAJOR problem, since accrediting entities' standards people almost certainly worked in at least a partial vacuum.  They figure just "access" is enough.  The fact that that "access" may in fact be extremely iffy & insufficient is irrelevant: "Hey, 'access' is 'access,' right?  So we got it covered, moving on...."  It's only years later that the true impact is seen, & by then the guilty are either retired or dead, so....  Our own (i.e., MLA) people struggle *very* hard to put sanity on the table when JCAHO & other standards are being framed, but in the end they nearly always lose.  Those of us who remember the pre-94 CAMH remember when the library section was 7 front-&-back pages, & by-God you WOULD have a qualified librarian, period, end-of-discussion.  And where & how much are we now?  Right, exactly.  God help the future of GME, & God also help the even greater generations of patients those doctors treat.  -sigh-


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Your question is actually timely.  Last week I spoke with a former colleague who relocated to another state and job.  They had recently closed the library there (before she got the job) because of budget cuts.  She then told me that she is so frustrated because she would like to get some education programs moving (her job) but she doesn't have access to all the great resources that you (meaning me) provided.  "I don't know where to go to find these things. The internet doesn't provide what I need or if it does it takes hours to sift through in order to find the quality of what is provided by the library." (Her words)

I said well what are they doing with the library space?  Nothing it is just sitting there.  I said well it seems to me the logical thing to do is call a meeting and say, "Hey we could hire a librarian!"  I'm not sure she will do it but who knows.

So there is your answer that there are some people who have realized no librarian means information frustration.

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Yes, I agree; very eloquently stated.

Re: Let's see how they will manage the library without a professional."  It got me thinking I wonder how we could discover how these librarian-less hospitals DO make out after the elimination of the professional? There must be gossip and a rumor-mill that local hospitals and librarians must hear about, no? (Maybe that's just a RI thing, LOL!). Nurses frequently work in more than one facility, or family members might be a way to learn what is going on inside...the health industry is pretty tight.

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I would like to second the words in this email. It is the people that we have taught and touched that will be our legacy. This is true of all professionals.

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> On Jan 22, 2014, at 1:44 PM, "Samuel Bello" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Deb Lawless,
> The attainment of a professional recognition has always been the
> burden of a scholar. Good professional work speaks longer than the
> opposite. You have made your positive impact that cannot be swept
> under the carpet. Let's see how they will manage the library without a professional.
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>> wrote:
>> Thank you for all your best wishes and encouragement.  I have been
>> the solo librarian in our health system for 17 years.  We have 3
>> hospitals - the third a small one that opened in October.  We had
>> several rifs and there were rumors floating around at the end of the
>> year that another round was coming in January.  With 3 hospitals and
>> family medicine, pharmacy and podiatry residencies I thought I was
>> "safe."  But the powers that be checked with our pediatric residency
>> program about library resources and found that only "access" was required.
>> I was assured that this elimination was strictly budget and number
>> crunching.  If it had been poor performance, I would have been gone
>> long ago.  A general announcement will be emailed to associates and
>> administration will send personal letters to some physicians that
>> have been regular users explaining the cut and alternatives.
>> We just renewed our print and electronic resources for the new year.
>> Who will oversee these I don't know.  I will contact my Ovid and
>> Ebsco reps to see if they can conduct some workshops on database
>> searching for our associates.  But if people don't have time to get
>> off the floor come to the library to sign out a CPR book, I don't
>> know who will have time to sit through a class.
>> I  am not restricting myself to medical libraries.  I have a BA in
>> history, and have worked in a theological and an optometry library
>> before coming to Jacksonville, so I can adapt.
>> (Cranking up Gloria Gaynor and Barry Manilow  - right now riding the
>> roller coaster of ups and downs.)
>> Deb Lawless
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