I published an article recently with Cheryl Dee title " Lifelong learning for nurses-building a strong future".  The premise of this article is the concept that lifelong learning is an ethical tenet of the physician and nursing profession. How can we teach lifelong learning tools when they are not even being taught in the schools. I stress the fact that PubMed is a lifelong learning tool along with other freely available databases which are created by the institutes at NIH. 

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Off the record....
I had the same shock when I worked at a community hospital that had a medical school curriculum coordinator in the hospital because their 3rd and 4th year students were based there.  I couldn't believe they were coming to the hospital and essentially let loose with their rotations without ANY PubMed training.  I contacted the librarians at the main campus where they do their 1st and 2nd years and I was told that they didn't teach them PubMed because they didn't need it in their time on the main campus.  I asked if they taught it before they left for their 3rd year and I was told they didn't.  I was completely flabbergasted.
These students not only were being loosed on to the hospitals without any PubMed training but they were also expected to write a "publishable"
paper by the end of their 4th year on a topic they had worked with.
They were completely lost and unprepared.  I ended up working with the curriculum coordinator to get PubMed into the curriculum when they were at my hospital.  However that only got the students who were based at my hospital, it didn't get any of the main campus students who decided to go to another hospital for their 3rd and 4th yr.  

I have also run into medical college administrators and curriculum developers who don't see the need to teach them how to search.  Usually they say some variant of the phrase, "They are digital natives, they are already savvy at finding information online."  Talking to these type of administrators about teaching PubMed is like running into a brick wall.

I am glad that I was able to make progress with my medical students while I was at that hospital and I the education librarians I work with now are always breaking down walls.  Polite persistence is the key.

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After teaching some of our pharmacy interns today I continue to be shocked at the lack of PubMed education.  They were thrilled to find all the things they could do in PubMed. It is a shame.

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