I really expected MLA or a section of MLA to raise the general alarm with the public on this, and make sure we had a presence with Joint Commission, etc.  I am not aware of a planned or assertive action.

That is why I have started exploring within my local librarian group (Phoenix AZ area) to do this. I hope we have enough support.  

I would love to see a day in the near future when "If your hospital doesn't have a librarian, find one that does!" makes sense to anyone seeking high-quality health care.  This should be a national campaign.  

What do the people who are cutting hospital librarian jobs care about?  The "patient experience."  We have to talk their language.  It may not save all jobs, but it may save some jobs--and some lives too.

Susan Shelly BSN, MLS, Librarian
John C. Lincoln Health Network
"Google can bring you back 100,000 answers.  A librarian can bring you back the right one."  -- Neil Gaiman

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Considering the number of PRIVATE  emails I've just gotten this morning regarding my post, not a whole lot of people know what, if anything, our professional organizations really, really do when a library gets that sour scent of possible closure.  And I confess, I don't know either.  

I am not talking about somebody emailing a "Whoa, your library is closing, what should you do?" toolbox of helpful links.  I mean action.  Like it matters.  Like "count the fall of every sparrow."

Do they swoop in their supreme-level library advocates to meet and work with the affected librarian(s) to hammer the powers that be with overwhelming evidence of why their decision is short-sighted?  

Do they send a condolence card?

Susan A. Bloomfield, MLS, AHIP
Health Sciences Librarian
Southern Maine Health Care