It is great to hear a success story from that effort.

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MLA does have a link to a letter that can be sent from them to your hospital's CEO. They did that on my behalf, when we thought our library was going to be completely closed. It only closed physically in July 2013, but is still open virtually with me behind the scenes!

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I can't help but wonder if a librarian took that action it would be signing his/her job death warrant.  Admins don't take kindly to these kinds of actions; it makes them look bad.  Now if the librarian's customers did it, that would be another thang....

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I'm not sure if this point has been raised yet, but perhaps it may be worthwhile to create a save-our-hospital-library petition form and place it on the MLA website. Then, any hospital librarian whose library is facing closure can download the petition form and get clinical colleagues, patients, and the general public  to sign it. There are petitions for many worthwhile causes - stopping environmental degradation; preventing animal abuse; improving women's rights, etc.  Why not a petition for stopping hospital library closures? Perhaps we can get a respectable scientist/clinician or a celebrity to endorse our cause.....

Christine Marton, PhD
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On Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Talicia Tarver <[log in to unmask]>wrote:

> I think your husband asked a very valid question. I can't imagine it 
> looks good for the organizations either if the venues they represent 
> are closing down. Another responder made a very good point about 
> taking an action that includes making medical librarians appear 
> essential to the healthcare team
> - a stronger branding strategy, if you will.
> It's clearly not enough to just know that librarians provide 
> information services that healthcare professionals can't afford to 
> spend time on, and that librarians who work with consumer health 
> information can be very crucial to encouraging preventive health. But 
> there's a solution in here somewhere that could include adding our 
> voices to those of other healthcare professionals who really are 
> trying to fix a broken healthcare system (and most of the ones I've 
> spoken to seem to feel like "voices in the wilderness" themselves - they would probably appreciate the partnership).
> Healthy People 2020 cites "health literacy and health communications" 
> as an integral part of the plan for improving the nation's health. So, 
> clearly it's not the need that's going away. It may mean retooling our 
> skill sets in addition to some active rebranding (not changing our 
> names, just the concept of what we do) to prove that we are essential 
> to creating an efficient healthcare team that "treats patients instead 
> of symptoms." I also think that means providing a more active voice to 
> prove that our services can save time and, therefore, money. And isn't 
> that what it's all about?
> Sorry for rambling, and best regards to you. With your knowledge and 
> experience I do believe you will find a venue that realizes your value.
> On Monday, January 27, 2014 9:58 AM, Susan Bloomfield < 
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> No. He doesn't belong to a union.  He is self-employed and lives by 
> his good work and hopes for referrals.  He hears me lament closures.
> He hears me talking about many professional organizations.  He wonders 
> what they do to stop the hemorrhage.  He has no sarcastic intent. It is  just an
> innocent question.   And sometimes his "na´ve" questions make me wonder too.
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> I am guessing that since the man is a carpenter he might belong to a 
> union.  When he said what is going to be done he is thinking in union terms.
> Many unions have contracts that forbid "shops" i.e. departments to be 
> closed without union approval.  We are not unionized and therefore, we 
> don' t have the same set of rules or guidelines that must be followed.