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As Sally Gore mentioned, we are our organizations, and "We have to advocate for ourselves rather than look to someone else to do the bulk of it for us." I would also like to add that the time for advocacy is not once plans are made or rumors are heard about closing a hospital library, but before that, and as part of our everyday work.

We have many resources available to us about how to show our worth, on the MLA website and on the NN/LM website (links below). Much discussion has been held on this list about how librarians can be relevant, and suggestions have been made to meet with administrators, serve on committees, increase outreach, identify champions and raise awareness of library services. There are classes and webinars offered about marketing library services through various channels and program sessions at MLA each year.

While the NN/LM regional offices can send supportive letters and offer resources and funding for health information outreach, in the end, a hospital system does not answer the them or the MLA or other organizations. It's up to us as individuals to do what it takes to make library services relevant in our organizations.

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