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We interlibrary loan lots of articles through Docline and consistent monitoring of high copyright cost titles within the borrow reports from QuickDoc is time consuming and a bit tedious.
We are looking for ways to better monitor interlibrary loan copyright costs, so we were curious if anyone had any suggestions or methods for monitoring the copyright "rule of five."  This means once we ILL more than 5 articles from one particular journal AND if the articles are 5 years old or newer, we can be hit with a copyright charge anywhere from $30 to $95 per article which leads to a staggering amount of $$ to be paid to the CCC at the end of the year.

An ideal model would be some kind of alert message when a citation is entered into Docline's borrow that is going over the rule of 5.   Similar to Docline's message before an article is ordered "You previously ordered this citation on...(date)...(patron)...(docline ID)...etc"

We have written this enhancement request to NLM's Docline customer service, and they are taking it under advisement.  We've heard from some libraries thru Docline's listserv that use vendor systems (ILLiad, Clio, etc) but there is mixed reporting or notification results.  We've also heard from a few libraries that use spreadsheets for monitoring.  So far there does not appear to be a low cost automated solution.
Let me know if you have any thoughts, solutions, or comments?  Hopefully this makes sense to everyone.

Thank you and I hope everyone is in a warmer location than we are!


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