Hey EWB,

Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting on Tuesday. I know it was hard for some people to come, but hopefully you saw the meeting minutes Nora sent out. Here is the doodle poll we talked about for next Thursday. We will be tabling selling baked goods and taking Pre-Orders for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We want to make sure every time slot is full so please fill out the poll if you can work the table at any time that day.

Another reminder that Matt will be working on the Dome Report tonight in Votey 246 around 5:30 if anyone wants to come and help put the paper together for the possibility of getting it published and having your name as a co-author.

We will not be having a general meeting next week, but will be meeting with the Project Team that we announced at the meeting. Thanks again to everyone for applying. We saw some strong applications and urge everyone to reapply for future trips. It shows a strong foundation for our project to continue on when seniors graduate. Everyone is welcome to be part of the trip planning process as well so you'll know how to do it next year too.

Keep selling those pre-orders and get some donation letters out there to buisnesses. (Best to do before Spring Break).
As always, Let me know if you have any questions!

Baxter Miatke

UVM Engineers Without Borders President
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