Thanks for all the responses...but in the end they all led to the same 
place...Ednie's in NJ.
  They have plenty at the moment, but they only deal in truckload 
quantities, roughly 800-1000 9" crates per load, $2.50 each plus 
freight, so roughly $4.00-4.50 delivered. They also have 7" for $1.75, 
but I personally never found them very useful in veggies.

I have a farm in Northern NH that wants 1/2 the load. If someone in 
VT/NH wants to coordinate the remainder of the load I will be glad to 
help make the connections. I had at least 6-8 responses from VT farmers 
that wanted 50~ crates. To keep the trucking costs in the estimated 
range need to unload at one stop that is semi-trailer accessible with 
forklift/loader. Given road postings, etc. this would be in late April/May.

Disclaimer...I have no financial interest in this transaction.

Anybody who wants to coordinate, take them all, whatever, reply directly 
to me and I will pass on all the contacts, etc that I have.

Michael Smith
Gypsy Meadows Farm
Consulting Services
Plainfield, NH