Hey everyone,

Thanks so much for the great feedback regarding labels.  Here are the responses.

Cathy Wells
Unity Farm
Charlotte, VT

-Beacon Printing, Randolph, VT

I would suggest reaching out the Skillet Marketing. I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. http://skilletcreative.com/
I work with Stride Creative http://www.stridecreative.com/
(more for design work)

Growers discount labels is who I get em from.

Stu at Growers Discount labels in NY. I think he also does design. Quality product and quick turn around time. You can see his work on their website.

I know of lots of folks in Vermont that have used and like Creative Labels of Vermont  in Winooski. They’re at http://clov.com/blog/meet-the-team/ 

Can't go wrong with growers discount label as long as you have a designer. Don't let them do your artwork. Prices and product are great though.
Try Liberty Graphics in Maine, or Grower’s Discount Labels. Both excellent.
I have enjoyed working with Growers Discount Labels in NY. Stu is very helpful, quick and has good art staff to make your needs met.

We were happy with Grower's Discount Labels, but haven't used anyone else so can't compare them to anything.  They have graphic designers. 

Hi Cathy, We have been using Growers Discount Labels out of New York.  They are a small company and started out farming.  They helped with the designs, and do the printing for, our value added products and they are great about bouncing the designs back and forth in the creation process and making alterations, etc.  They have been pretty hands off with giving their own suggestions however and will let decide on the changes you want. 
We have multiple value added products that change often, so pre printing labels wouldn't be very cost effective. We buy blank labels from Online Labels and use the free Maestro software that they offer with a purchase. You (or a graphic designer) can design and print your labels as needed and change them as often as you like. It works for us.

We've used Grower's Discount Labels and have found them reasonable.