Home Depot, Lowes


Buckhorn or Norseman plastics

On the chance you haven't thought of this, I get totes at lowes, no they are not the flip tops, but they are warrantied for life, so I bring them back when they inevitably break. When I looked into the flip totes, they just struck me as too expensive. Just offering an alternative.

I asked this same question a few months ago and after a ton of research from people's suggestions, we went with Orbis out of Canada. They are much cheaper than others for the same products and great quality. http://www.orbiscorporation.com/

global industrial.   you can find them online!

Uline. Quick delivery too.





Best price and selection is driving to recoltec in st remi qc

2 hours away, no tax  and see what your buying

Check the website, they have a great selection 





Joe Buley