It snowed all day. We saw about 8-10" on top of the 4" yesterday, on top of the fluff that fell the day before that and so on.

Super soft n fluffy conditions all day.

Best runs were Christmas Tree bowl (straight down the gut) and Golf Course (out of bounds, "sidecountry"). Everything skied great no matter where we went in the afternoon.

The 3 of us skied a pretty full day 9-3:30 and we are really feelin it.

We celebrated the day with margaritas and Mexican food at Fiesta Jalisca. 

Telenaut passed right out afterwards while Eric and I climbed aboard a crazy shuttle van with a Quigley Conversion which took us up a narrow winding road 25 minutes to the Strawberry Hot Spring.

Eric took the full plunge into the river. Call me a whose, but I didn't make it in the river past my thighs. I did enjoy a good hour of soaking in 105 degree springs.

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