Last weekend, we had our NSP Level 1 at Smuggs with me as the IOR.  A very talented student body was in attendance with students ranging from a former Los Angeles Fire Dept member to a western Maine SAR member to some of the local hotshots.

Snowpack is thin (duh), but we managed.  We had a nice ski down from the crest of the notch on Saturday afternoon as it started to snow.  I was given the task by Chuck Boyd to provide conviviality to the Smuggs Patrol at their Patrol HQ and mingle with them which is always fun - they have an awesome patrol!  Sunday morning was nice as we bagged tracks during the free first half hour - Pipeline to the liftline and then skiers right down some fun untracked blues was the ticket for me.  I though the first hour was free and I had some 'splainin to do to get on the lift at 8:40am, but the Smuggs folks in charge understood as I misunderstood the policy and I was let on the lift (sorry, I'm a law-abiding goody-whose-shoes and I don't hijack lifts for free) and we al convened at the hut at the top of Sterling.  A good day was had in the field and we finished off with Smuggs hot-shot patrollerette Danielle leading us down Pipeline to Black Snake with the rest of us hustling to keep up down to Parking Lot #1.  Brought our returnables to the Cupboard where a recycling bin run by BSA Troop 39 (or is it 34? - duh, I forgot) is maintained.
Mark P. Renson
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