Milton utilizes an Elfiq link balancer which our primary ISP and backup
ISP's come into.  From that single point of entry, we then have a PaloAlto
device which provides the following services:
  • Firewall with ability to manage via port, protocol or application
    and to vary the policy by AD users
  • Threat management at the entry point.  End point or client devices
    are handled by Kaspersky.  The threat management service is a
    subscription service.
  • Content/URL filtering is done by category and can be granular to
    whatever AD user group you desire.  Filtering is good; however, if you
    are looking for URL reports, that is not one of its strengths in my
    opinion.  The content filtering is an additional subscription service.

I have been very pleased with the PaloAlto.  It was one of the first (if
not the first) to offer firewall services via application rather than just
port/protocol.  Thus making it much more flexible and effective in today's
world.  I believe that it is still one of the leaders in this field;
however, it has been awhile since I have done any research in this area.

Fred Wadlington, Systems Administrator
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School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> on
Friday, April 25, 2014 at 2:20 PM -0400 wrote:
>Hi all again,
>Interested now in who uses the following manufacturers for
>firewall/threat management - single firewall/threat platform for all the
>schools in your SU?
>And does your threat management do antivirus with a client on the
>endpoint as well as on the gateway?  Because I think you need a client
>on each system to catch the USB threats and other local file threats, so
>you need some software installed locally.
>And does your firewall/threat management device do content filtering
>well, or did you have to get separate appliances or services?
>Is your firewall a software firewall (untangle example)  or hardware
>firewall (cisco ASA 5500 example)?
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