*Office of the President

	April 7, 2014

From:Tom Sullivan, President

To:UVM Community

Re:Gold Rating as a Sustainable Campus

    I am delighted to announce that the University of Vermont has
    received the prestigious Gold rating as a sustainable campus through
    STARS, the national tracking program sponsored by the Association
    for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.One year
    ago, I received the recommendation from the Envisioning Environment
    Committee that UVM enroll in this Sustainability Tracking and
    Assessment Reporting System, and now the Office of Sustainability,
    under the direction of Gioia Thompson, has completed our
    submission.UVM has scored well particularly in credits for research,
    co-curricular education, water use reduction, and initiatives to
    address diversity and affordability. I invite you to review the
    submission at the STARS website,

    Achieving Gold is a significant accomplishment. We must continue,
    however, to work toward greater efficiencies and sustainability
    awareness on our campus.I believe UVM should be a national leader in
    this area, and I want to support all who are working across campus
    to address these critical issues.The STARS report has given us an
    excellent baseline for monitoring UVM's efforts.To build on this
    self-assessment, I am appointing a Sustainability Task Force to
    develop a sustainability plan with goals and objectives for the next
    three years that we can focus on as a campus community.

    I extend my congratulations to all who worked hard to prepare the
    many sections of this comprehensive report.This is an achievement
    that reflects well on our University's campus-wide commitment to
    sustainability values that is so important to our students and our
    wider Vermont community.I am pleased that UVM is taking a leadership
    role in modeling innovative practices to do our part in building a
    sustainable future for generations to come.

Tom Sullivan
University of Vermont
85 South Prospect
Waterman Building
Burlington, Vermont 05405

(802) 656-7878 (office)
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