Hello everyone, and happy finals week! I hope that everyone had a good semester and is looking forward to some summer fun! I am writing to remind those of you with Music Education Program iPads that your end-of-semester iPad reflections are due by the end of next week (May 9). Here is the statement from the forms you all signed as you checked yours out:

At the end of each semester of use, each pre-service teacher should submit a reflection (minimum 1 double-spaced page – due during finals week) stating how he/she used the iPad to enhance his/her musicianship, teacher preparation (including Methods and other coursework), and or working with students (in Practicum, student teaching, and/or other settings such as private lessons or work at a pre-school or internship). In order to inform this reflection, keep a list (in the notebook on your iPad) of each instance where you used the iPad for one of these purposes.

Best - Dr. R

Patricia Riley
Associate Professor, Music Education
The University of Vermont
A311 Music Building
384 S. Prospect St.
Burlington, VT 05405
(802) 656-7770