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Published today (Mon May 26th) in Independent Science News:

EU Safety Institutions Caught Plotting an Industry “escape route” Around Looming Pesticide Ban  
by Jonathan Latham, PhD


Synopsis: Documents obtained by the nonprofit Pesticide Action Network of Europe reveal that the health commission of the European Union (DG SANCO), which is responsible for protecting public health, is attempting to develop a procedural “escape route” to help companies evade an upcoming EU-wide ban on endocrine disrupting pesticides. This ban arose from strong scientific concerns over endocrine disrupting chemicals in food and the environment. As discovered by PAN Europe, DG SANCO is working with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to construct a technical loophole. The discovery of a secret plan is troubling for many reasons. It implies the leadership of the EU, and even its specific safety institutions, would rather ignore scientific knowledge, endanger the public, and disregard the democratic decision-making process, than go against the wishes of the chemical industry. 

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The Bioscience Resource Project
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