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The documentary "More than Honey" ends with a discussion of Africanized honey bees (killer bees) and how they thrive despite of the CCD.  Of course, that is a documentary and I am not at all knowledgeable about CCD to express a firm opinion.  But it is too often the case that scientists who specialize in one field or another focus exclusively on factors most familiar to them (I know we try to control for "all other variables" but that is another discussion). There are simply too many species in crisis these days that should make us think about the broader picture. 

At any rate, I recommend the documentary highly. I think it will motivate the viewer to think of the broader causes for the plight of the honey bee and indeed the crisis of the capitalist civilization of which we are a part.

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Unfortunately, the pesticide theory does not hold water – here in South Africa, we use neonicotinoids too, but so far our bee population is healthy. But we don’t treat our bees as badly – trucking them from one end of the continent to another fed on sugarwater, for example. I don’t think bringing other issues into play is spin; there has to be something other than pesticides alone that leads to CCD.



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I think a better interpretation of CCD is that pesticides are the overwhelming probable cause and that companies are trying to spin other explanations into the mix. None of Kamran's explanations explain the declines of wild bees, nor the suddenness of many deaths, nor the recentness of the phenomenon, nor the piles of dead bees around neonicotinoid-treated trees, nor the experimental data that neonicotinoids disorient and kill bees.

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Thanks Herb for this.  However, it appears that honey bee CCD ​is like many other such problems is multi-causal. There is a wonderful German documentary "More than Honey" that persuasively makes that point. Other factors included is extreme breeding of the honey bee (e.g. to make them docile), extreme commercial exploitation of them (it shows a commercial operator and his hives traveling 12 months a year to "rent" the bees for pollination), use of insecticides, etc.  The documentary is really one of the best I have seen this year. 



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