Yes. Ken has assured me Morehouse will have a bid. 

John Patrick

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Will there be more than the one bid from Ithaca College?

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The vote will be held via survey monkey, will open on the 14th, and close on the 19th. To ensure each school votes only once, voting reps will be asked to record the following: their institution's vote, their institution, and the representative's name and email (should a vote need to be clarified for some reason). 

Should a school vote more than once, there's no problem if the votes are the same; the institution's 1 vote will be recorded as indicated by both votes. 

If two conflicting votes from one institution are recorded, I will do my best to contact the institution's director of forensics or debate union leadership to resolve the conflict (this will involve emailing both voters to alert them of the issue. If the conflict is not resolvable by that method, whichever vote was recorded first will be the one that counts. 

Institutional eligibility will be checked against institutional attendance of the USUDC, as indicated by the constitution. Institutions needn't be members of the USUDA to vote on bids for the USUDC, they however must meet the eligibility requirements in the USUDA constitution. My understanding is that every school that attended the Purdue tournament is eligible to vote. 

The link to vote will be posted here and on the Yale forum. 

After the vote is tallied, I will post the winner, the list of institutions that voted, and how they voted here and on the Yale forum. 

John Patrick

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Howdy ya’ll,


We are still very eager to host the 2016 USU’s.  The vote is coming up – could someone please clarify the voting procedure.





Ithaca College