Hello Vermont birders,

As the Vermont eBird reviewer for the Champlain Valley I'm now seeing 
numerous checklists with one or more Golden-winged and Blue-winged 
Warblers and their hybrids.

Please review the new guidelines about what to look for when you see or 
hear the birds in the field.  Then use the guidelines to choose the 
correct eBird category when reporting your observations.  Read closely at:

For each bird submitted to eBird, you will need to add some documentary, 
descriptive details of what you were able to see or hear in the field, 
in the comment box for the species (even if photos are included).  This 
is so that we reviewers can make sure the correct eBird designation has 
been chosen.  Be sure to comment on each individual bird if there are 
multiple sightings.

Thanks for your help ... and good birding all!

Ian (for the whole reviewing crew)