Sparked by Spencer Hardy's report yesterday of terns in vicinity of the 
Champlain Bridge to Arnold Bay, I visited five viewing areas midday today.

Highlights seen from the Champlain Bridge included 21 Common Terns, one 
Black Tern, 31 Brant, and 16 White-winged Scoters - the last two 
apparently seriously in migration.  A Caspian Tern flew by while I was 
at Turkey Lane. Over a thousand Ring-billed Gulls (clicker-counted) 
occupied beaches and piers at Port Henry, with another flock of nearly 
600 at White Bay in Panton.

The Champlain Bridge checklist is below.

Champlain Bridge / Chimney Point, Addison, US-VT
May 23, 2014 10:55 AM - 11:58 AM
Protocol: Stationary
19 species (+1 other taxa)

Brant  31     Single flock mostly in single file flying just above the 
water northward up the center of the lake.  Characteristic goose shape, 
dark body, noticeably large white underbody showing when viewed from the 
side and rear.  Could make out a light necklace on a number of the birds 
in spite of distance and speed.

Mallard  4

Greater/Lesser Scaup  7     Small flock on water. Too distant to discern 

White-winged Scoter  16     Single string flock skimming the water 
flying northward up the center of the lake.  White secondaries 
prominent; otherwise a black bird.

Common Loon  2

Double-crested Cormorant  32

Osprey  1

Ring-billed Gull  1027     Large groups on pier, dock and beaches at 
Port Henry: 123, 285, 53, 514.  Others in air and on water. Clicker 
counted.  Lighting good.

Herring Gull  1

Great Black-backed Gull  3

Black Tern  1     With Common Terns. Very noticeably smaller. Overall 
gray tern, including top and bottom of wings.  Body dark.. Wings long, 
sharply pointed.  White rear underbody clearly distinct from dark belly 
and wings.

Common Tern  21     Actively flying and diving over water from mid-lake 
to near NY shore.  Only other tern distinguished was one Black Tern. 
Counted by individuals three times; when all together (20), when in two 
separate groups (21), and when scattered (19).

Belted Kingfisher  1

Warbling Vireo  2

American Robin  2

Common Yellowthroat  1

American Redstart  1

Song Sparrow  1

Common Grackle  3

House Sparrow  2

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