You know, I wonder how everyone here feels about postings about 
fabulous birds on private property that no one else can access. I am 
happy for the lucky person who has been granted access to a private 

However,  I for one would rather not see those listings here on the 
public listserve.  Let the lucky person enter their sightings on ebird 
to aid science.

No need to tell us about great birds when no one else can view them.

Just my opinion.

Tom, Essex

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Hi birders.It's been a while, but you've probably seen my posts in the 
past from Brigham Hill in Essex - mostly about warblers and hawks in 
migration. A neighbor who owns much of the property I've had these 
amazing birding experiences on - 17 acres of apple orchard and maples 
(warblers) with a north-facing ledge (hawks) - is selling their home.I 
felt compelled to put this out there to the VT bird watching community 
to entice serendipity. I'd buy it if I could afford it!  And no, I'm 
not a real estate agent nor do I in any way have a stake in this 
(beyond hoping whoever buys it doesn't mind be continuing to bird there 
:)).Check it out if you wish or pass it along to any bird/nature lovers 
you know who may be looking:,-Rick 
RenaudPs.Last Saturday I had a 10 warbler species walk in the rain and 
a 12 species day on Monday in this orchard including the largest number 
of Tennessee warblers I've ever heard/seen.