As of 7:30PM 29 May there was still about 10 yards of skiable (the remains
of the start ramp they heaped up for the rail jam early in the month), good
for an easy handful of smeary freeheel junkboard parallels, no hop-turning
required. I'll be hitting it again around 7PM today for a quick drive-by.
Best access is to park at the fire-road gate next to the power substation,
since the slumping ramp remaining reaches the road, thus completely avoiding
the potential fine for hiking on ski trails. (The gate has been open all
spring- with a truck or a high-clearance car those sufficiently brazen could
even drive to snow and cut 3 minutes off the "tour".)

Prospects for June are looking very favorable- given the current depth &
density it can probably go another week or more before having to downsize to

No pics or video to share at this time, but I'll bring something to document
rare June turns at WaWa next week.


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