On 19 Jun 2014, at 9:56, Tim Raymond wrote:

> On 6/19/14, 9:11 AM, Mike Austin wrote:
>> On Thu, 19 Jun 2014, Tim Raymond wrote:
>>> Thanks Monica.  There is an outside chance that some of the
>>> information flowing will contain student grades so we're only
>>> interested in stand alone applications or UVM hosted web services.
>>> Anyone have any experience with basic stand alone project management
>>> or open source web based?
>> SAA uses Redmine for a bunch of our projects, running locally on our
>> Silk hosting platform.
>> If you wanted to try that route, we'd be happy to talk/demo.
> This sounds promising.  Can you tell me more about the Silk hosting
> platform?  Or point me to a link?

Silk is a hosting platform provided by ETS where CGI scripts can run as the
provisioned netid with access to only a local filesystem (no shared UVM
NFS).  This architecture is much better suited to running today's large web
applications like Drupal (or Redmine, in this case).  The architecture is
similar to Red Hat's Openshift, but tailored for our environment.  UVM's
traditional hosting in ~/public_html folders has some security and
performance issues that usually limit the functionality of modern web
applications (like self-updating, safe_mode workarounds, and high-count file

Tim, I'll provision your account - you should get a separate email from that
provisioning process w/ more information.

Give us feedback on this service, if you have any!

IT-Discuss, feel free to ask SAA for an account in this hosting.  Here's a
link to the user's guide, which might give a better feel for what's