Your description sounds like this change will affect the ability to connect to other workstations via Remote Desktop Connection. True?

On 6/16/2014 4:54 PM, Geoffrey Duke wrote:
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As mentioned in the Collaborative IT Discussion on Wednesday last week, we have made a small change to the Security Policy on workstations that are part of the Campus domain. We configured the Deny access to this computer from the network right, adding the ETS-LocalAdmins group and the new well-known group Local Account.


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This limits the utility of compromised credentials, addressing a common method for moving through an organization and harvesting additional credentials. This configuration change shouldn’t impact the ability to log into a workstation using either a local account or a *-tech account, but you won’t be able to use such an account to connect from one workstation to another.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about this change,




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