I asked this very question in a meeting with SAA-AD and the response was that a major motivator for SCCM was to facilitate exactly what you want.

Machines routinely run with standard user accounts were indeed not getting Java and Adobe updates on a timely basis, and SCCM does install those third party patches without requiring an admin login at the workstation.

There are many other advantages to domain joining Windows computers.  Here in CAS, all of our Windows computers have been domain joined for five years or more.

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> I understand that the System Center updates we switched to over the winter are only for domain-joined PCs.  But do they also work if the computer is always logged in to a local account?
> We have some limited-use PCs that are not domain joined, and use a local account.  I'd love to have them automatically deal with the Adobe and Java updates.  If I join them to the domain but don't change anything else, will they be able to use the System Center for updates?  Or would I have to log in with a network account periodically to let System Center do its thing?
> Lynda.

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