Are any towns getting this PILT payment for the first time?  I do believe that we are getting this in Windsor for the first time and we're a little puzzled by it.  The only federal property we have is the Post Office.
Marianne in Windsor
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Do you mean a contact at the office of the Secretary of the Interior? In the letter that comes to us about the PILT payment there's a number for questions: (202) 208-3078, and the letter is signed by Sally Jewell.


Sally Hoyler
Town Clerk/Treasurer
Town of Ripton
PO Box 10
Ripton, VT 05766
802-388-2266 ph
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Our treasurer is Cheryl Slayton at [log in to unmask]  The Listers email is [log in to unmask].

Marsha Nelson

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Fellow Clerks & Treasurers:
Please let me know who the contact is for the recent PILT payment.  I need to contact the office.
Thank you.
Linda McGuire, Treasurer
Town of Shrewsbury
9823 Cold River Road
Shrewsbury, VT   05738