1)  Colchester HS in Southern VT switched their lipdub to vimeo as youtube
banned their lipdub.  I would change to Vimeo, but I've found them to be
unreliable  (too much down time or video is not available).  Maybe this has

2)  Yes, youtube is monetizing the videos so copyright owners may be
getting their cut, at the very least google is getting their cut.

3)  I really like the password idea.   It is right up there with an
unlisted video.  I hope it's true

4)  We are doing another lip dub this year . Again it's heavily modified
with student input. The kids love it.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Youtube offers a service called Content ID (  Vigilant content
providers pay to have their copyrighted materials identified and protected
more vigorously than the average content is handled.  All content is not
treated equally.  Here's a guide to youtube's possible reactions:

Think your use falls under fair use protection?  You can dispute the
I've had a couple of videos that have received take down notices or had
their soundtrack muted restored after making a claim.

Copyright and Fair Use laws do need to be revisited in light of current
tech tools.  A great resource for current law and precedent is Renee Hobbs
text *Copyright Clarity*.  Well worth reading!


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Eric Hall <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Trying not to thread-jack, but hopefully relevant... has anyone else had
> the experience of audio track being muted on a student project uploaded to
> YouTube? In our case these are "multimedia mashups" that may include short
> sections of popular music... although we use the 30 sec criteria, I have
> seen some audio tracks removed while others with copyrighted music are not.
> Does anyone know what criteria YouTube is using? Are there specific
> companies that have registered their content, and some have not? It's hard
> to tell why certain pieces have been muted and some have not.
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> On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 6:46 AM, Carole Renca <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> I have tried to get permission or to offer payment to use popular
>> songs/music for education or by our school chorus  (songs that will be part
>> of a video and uploaded to the net) and you are correct. is
>> to impossible to get permission.  This is because so many
>> famous people own the rights to popular songs. There are often multiple
>> companies that have to be contacted from all different parts of the country
>> and the larger companies do not post contact phone information.  They do
>> not answer emails. There are middle organizations that you'd think could
>> handle this for you...but when I finally contacted some of them they told
>> me I that they don't handle music use for education and to contact the
>> companies directly.
>> I learned that, as a librarian,  I no longer recommend to students to get
>> permission to use popular songs for uploaded student created or chorus
>> video. I tell them that it is much easier to create their own music or use
>> copyright free content for when uploading it to the Internet.
>> Carole
>> On Jun 17, 2014 9:51 PM, "[log in to unmask]" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> "Matched Third Party Content"    I ran across this a week or so ago in
>>> my youtube account and am curious about group thoughts.
>>> Song ":Let it Go" by Kindergartner and our Music Teacher.   Before we
>>> start, This song is basically a cover.   Nothing from an original
>>> recording/mp3. and yet youtube was still able to match for third party
>>> content, both impressive and scary.
>>> It's use can be considered educational, but it still bugs me that it was
>>> tagged.  And, no, we didn't pay for performance rights.
>>> Have you ever tried to get the rights to cover a popular song and post
>>> it?   I have, several times,  It's next to impossible. and when it is
>>> possible, you can't afford it.
>>> And lets be really honest....Most of our kids are not running up to us
>>> waving their hands wildly and saying  Mr. M   I REALLY WANT TO DO A COVER
>>> ON THIS COOL SONG I FOUND ON CREATIVE COMMONS.    They want to use their
>>> music... the stuff they know.
>>> When we post popular music, we usually use a mash up or modify the song.
>>>   We also make it unlisted, so you can't find it unless you have a link.
>>> Curious as to what you do?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jon
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