I know this discussion is about print page costs (we still print here) so I
don't want to thread jack too far off the topic, but as with everything,
there is a cost.

Is it cheaper or a better use of resources to pay your own people to curate
resources or to pick the canned off-the-shelf curriculum.

I am not suggesting one way or the other, beauty in the eyes of the
beholder, but therein lies the rub.

Those numbers came from Project RED, so they might be a place to look for
info on printed assignments v 1-1

But I would suggest that printing (expenditure and expense) are both
bargains in comparison to 1-1.

So does that make print better, a supplement, or a crutch


I also think that digital age learning isn't only online textbooks, in fact
> a creative curriculum design can do without them. Student Centered
> Learning/Project Based Learning isn't about textbooks. So, the savings
> would be even greater.