Good Monday Morning:  

Is it June already?  Count down time.

Just a reminder to get those Vermont Fest write ups in.

Along with our regular format presentations from our outstanding classroom teachers and tech support people we are looking to put together a strand for Vermont Educational Leaders.

Principal, Superintendent and Curriculum Leader Thursday!  A day filled with sessions relevant to building and district leaders and focusing on creating agile schools that promote creativity. Share your insights with fellow on topics specific to their needs via workshops or forums. Examples: best PD models, creative/disruptive course development, creative ideas on shifting the master schedule, board policy development, fiscal management and technology  budgeting, effective management and use of data, assessment and technology, enhancing learning with learning management systems, security of digital resources (personnel records, accounting systems, SIS, etc), teacher observation and technology (models), using technology to enhance presentations, and whatever you think relevant.

Remember, these can be in several formats including 60 minute presentations, 25 minute TED type talks, Collaborative Conversations, and Panel Discussions. For more info on these formats see

If you are a school leader or, if you know of a school/district/SU leader who you feel would be willing to offer a presentation at VT Fest, could you please encourage them to submit a proposal.

Also, we would greatly apprewciate it if you could forward this request on to any appropriate Lists or people in your own personal learning network.




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