Calling Pizza Folk (aka IT Folk in K-12 education)!

We've answered your call and created a one-day IT PD strand at VT Fest on November 7th at the Killington Grand.

Team up and head over for a some great PD...

a chance to connect with peers and share war stories and best practices, food, door prizes, other conference sessions to choose from, and a great pool ; )

It's rumored the 'Velvet Elvis,' from previous Pizza / IT conferences will make an appearance.

We're seeking people who can share their expertise… and presenters get in free for the day!

Presentation Ideas:

IT PR! Strategies to connect with Admin, and Educational / teacher needs

Student Help Desk

Workshops on: Wireless device management, technical needs / expertise, policies / procedures (AUP practices)

Perhaps a 'Hands On Lab' to tackle the challenges of Linux (XP is bye bye), VPN, Routing ideas

Maybe a 'Release the Hounds' Session (old Pizza Conference style), where people bring their individual questions to the larger collective to solve?

What else is relevant?

What's your area of expertise that you'd like to share?

Submit proposals here!

( )

We win!

Adam A. Provost, MAT
Technology Integration - Partnership for Change Initiative 
Burlington High School, Vermont

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