Good Morning!

Hope today finds you well and enthused about Technology!!!

To build upon the email that Adam Provost sent out this morning (and yes, we are working together on this)...

I have had several folks contact me about how they can contribute to the Professional Development of those of us who work on the hardware/infrastructure side of Educational Technology.  Here is my short list:

As someone who puts passion in my Tech, I am reaching out to others who may be able to present, specifically at VT Fest in November.  In addition to the list of ideas Adam provided, presenters can range from experts on a specific topic to someone who can lead a conversation.  Perhaps a Technology Assistant who has a handle on Apple Configurator?  A Technology Coordinator who has just started using an MDM solution?  A Network Administrator who wants to share her/his challenges with ever growing demands on Wireless/Wired infrastructure?  A Systems Administrator deploying a WAN-LAN scheme?

If you have any desire to see further development of the hardware, infrastructure, and management PD within Educational Technology here in Vermont, I urge you to submit your ideas at VT Fest 2014.  Your interest in presenting (even just as simple as facilitating a conversation) helps everyone!  

There has been a continued (and growing) interest in providing IT PD.  Together we can really make this happen!  You have asked for it, now let's step up and get things going...  Techies supporting Techies.  Your move.

Thanks, and let me know if you have questions on how you might be able to get involved with PD for the hardware/infrastructure side of things.


Keith Puffer
Technology Coordinator
Washington West Supervisory Union
340 Mad River Park, Suite 7
Waitsfield, VT 05673
Fax: 802-496-6515
GoogleVoice: 802-870-0630


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