Earlier this week I wrote about the desire to have strong Vermont Fest
Strands on both *Leadership* and *Special Education and Assistive
Technology*.  Today I would like to encourage the *Technology Support
Community* to help us to put together a strong strand that would meet their

*Intensive IT **Friday**!*

*IT -- Discuss the new demands on Tech Support and IT Infrastructure in
schools. We are soliciting proposal for hands on IT workshops, facilitated
discussions and presentations!  Ideas: working with wireless, VPN, build a
Minecraft server, adapting to changing and new platforms, Google Apps
administration, challenges of moving to a cloud environment, mobile and/or
personal device management, or other issues dear to you.*

Don’t be limited to the examples…  what are those other issues dear to

Also, remember there are several possible session formats (Presentation,
Collaborative Conversation, Panel Discussion, brief Ted Talk style, or
Hands-on evening session)

Let us know…

1.     What sessions you would like to see

2.     If you would like to present/lead  one of those sessions

3.     If you would like to recommend someone who might present on a topic
of interest to the IT community.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or comments?

Email me at [log in to unmask]