Earlier this week I wrote about the desire to have strong Vermont Fest Strands on both Leadership and Special Education and Assistive Technology.  Today I would like to encourage the Technology Support Community to help us to put together a strong strand that would meet their needs.


Intensive IT Friday!

IT -- Discuss the new demands on Tech Support and IT Infrastructure in schools. We are soliciting proposal for hands on IT workshops, facilitated discussions and presentations!  Ideas: working with wireless, VPN, build a Minecraft server, adapting to changing and new platforms, Google Apps administration, challenges of moving to a cloud environment, mobile and/or personal device management, or other issues dear to you.


Don’t be limited to the examples…  what are those other issues dear to you? 

Also, remember there are several possible session formats (Presentation, Collaborative Conversation, Panel Discussion, brief Ted Talk style, or Hands-on evening session)


Let us know…

1.     What sessions you would like to see

2.     If you would like to present/lead  one of those sessions

3.     If you would like to recommend someone who might present on a topic of interest to the IT community.


Do you have questions, suggestions, or comments? 


Email me at [log in to unmask]






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