Inkjet costs are generally higher than laser.  An inkjet will cost about $.43  per page where laser costs are about $.08 per page.  If you can convince people to give up their printers the real savings are in using copier machines.  The cost runs about $.005 per page for b/w and $.08 per page color.  They also have a much higher yield at about 40K copies per toner refill.


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Subject: Supplies - Ink vs Laser?


Hi - I'm looking at my supplies budget for next year. Yikes. It's large, and it's largely toner for laser printers. (Paper is in another budget.) Ok, we need to reduce printing. But I also want to reduce the price per page. We're using 3rd party toner for all but one of our printers. I could go to self-refill to trim that cost. Anyone doing that?


Or I could try inkjet. HP has inkjets with "page-wide" heads that they say are fast, as good as laser, and less expensive per page. Anyone using those?


How are you reducing your supplies costs?





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